This is the first post on a blog I created two years ago and as I was the: I really have no idea where to begin. I have been always aired the concept of blogs and diaries (I started a bullet journal on December 2015 that I still struggle to maintain). There has to be something fascinating about the manner of documenting your life on a daily basis. Blogs, I feel (albeit public) are much easier on an upkeep as one would be more likely to have a censored blog rather than a diary that would eventually lead to ruin if in the wrong hands.

I don’t follow blogs much (except, maybe, Vivy Yusof, Iman Azman and, rarely, Hannah Brancher) though I’m up for recommendations and probably an app to keep track of them.

I call myself a conundrum – I struggle when I’m around people yet the to be alone. I’m no hero or someone you can look up to (for now) yet I make this conscious decision to put bits and pieces of my life out here on the internet. When I’m not struggling with what I call my life – I write, hum and love reading up. I hope you find me interesting enough to read up on. If not, we can still be friends if you want to. That’s fine too.

The thoughts on this blog are my own. They might not (read: not always) be politically correct or apt but they are my opinions. No matter what you think of them – they are not concrete. They are bound to change and I would really appreciate if it let them be. You are free to correct me (politely) or share your opinions with me as long as I remember – we are all learners…our aim is to learn and grow; not stagnate. Let us be respect, love and most importantly – be kind.